Tuesday, October 11, 2011

+ vs -

So originally I started this blog to highlight an adventure in eve or more like an incursion with a few of what I call spineless idiots but I think the proper term is trollers or griefers.  But after careful thought and consideration I realized these are not people worth my time or effort to even care about their mere existence on this planet.

Eve Online is a vast universe and has a lot to explore.  There are some GREAT people that play this game.  I've been fortunate to have met some.  There are also some people who well frankly are such loosers or even douche bags.

Eve has no checks and balances for "bad" behavior.  It's an interesting social experiment really.  Since there are no preoccupations for behaviors some players think that this means they can "role play" some type of pirate type of person or well crook and just behave truly bad. They don't behave like this in real life because if they stole well there would be consequences for that.  People have the freedom to be who they truly are at their core - at their heart and soul.  I'm sure that is a freeing feeling to have an avenue to really be who they are.

I will say it is hard to be you out there every day, even if that means doing the right thing or standing up for what you believe in.  You will always encounter people who will attempt to be obstacles in your plan for success.  Some will call them haters.  Haters are merely cowardly versions of admirers.  People can become jealous of what they THINK you have or have accomplished and rather than achieve that for themselves it's easier to follow a negative path and be destructive.

Those good people, who even translate that into the type of player they are in eve, those are the real gems of humanity.  There are people who believe in honor and doing the right thing.  Those who understand that giving a helping hand isn't a bad thing but what you should do.  These are people that in real life do public service like volunteering, military, police, fire, medical, etc.  With out people like that societies would not function - even on line gaming ones.

So, my blog is really going to be about my adventures but not about the negative ones of the cowardly admirers but of those gems that are good and all the fun we will have or have had.  It's so easy to focus on the negative and dwell on it.  It's much more rewarding to focus on the positive, even if it's a harder road to travel.

Thanks for reading!