Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Athena Where do you Live?

So for many years that I've played the game I've been in null sec.  I cut my teeth in Provi so to speak and then on to Delve.  I have enjoyed many different null sec locations in Eve.  I've FC'd fleets.  Taken Sov.  Lost Sov.  There are some things that I always go back to - my roots.

I started in a small, close knit corp / alliance.  I went to IT and it was a big blob.  Cold and distant is how I felt.  I left and was with small close knit and learned small gang pvp.  I went to a blob.  I went back to small.  I went to blob.

I have friends who message me and ask when am I coming back to null and the simple answer is - I'm in null every day.  The current status of null sec dynamics are that it's dead.  Many others have gone on at length about it so I won't bore you with my thoughts on it at this point.

There is nothing in null that draws to me any more.

There is one part of Eve I haven't ever delved into and I'm trying that now.

We'll see how that goes ...

and thus a new adventure has begun.

Oh yeah ... where to I live ? ... well in New Eden of course!

The Hidden Overseer

So this big event is gearing up for the Eve Online community.  My friend and event creator Riela was keeping me posted.  I just couldn't wait to see how the Eve community would embrace this concept.  Would the players love it like I did ?  Would they think it's stupid and it not happen?  Oh god, I hope that didn't happen.  I encouraged Riela to go to CCP with this.  No, these are nerds, they would love this! 

There were changes that were made to create this event on a grander scale.  I eagerly waited for the announcement of the event.  I told Riela I would love to help out again.  I had this crazy idea that you have a GM hidden in the player base and they get a prize for figuring it out and killing me.  

At first Riela, thought that was a silly idea.  Then the more he thought about it he thought that it would be an interesting idea.  So we developed The Hidden Overseer. 

In addition, I was on the Sponsorship Rewards team.  When scripted events happened and the pilots completed them, they would earn sponsorship rewards.  Things like logi in any fight for 5 minutes or ECM or slave implants.  We had a list of things we could reward with.  We figured I’d die early and could go off to help my team. 

Day of the event I am logged in hours early to help with pre-game prep. A few friends came with me to help, Dewgong, Jack Marshal and Krackers McGee.  Dewgong was on the scripted events team.  Jack and Krackers were on the sponsorship team with me.  The arena needed a lot of prep work and set up and the guys helped with that.  Cans anchored and filled, ships fit and dropped, towers anchored, etc.  The guys were running around doing a zillion things.  I felt kind of bad because I had to be in pilot staging, I had to remain ... hidden.

On the event TS I choose the name Betty for team speak so I wouldn't be visible to any competitors and logged in a regular log in as Athena.  The staff was busy making this or that happen. As I started to watch corp chat the players were forming teams.  I reported back to staff - they are forming teams.  Overseers began to prep for groups and asking who seemed to be in what group.  Intel was given.  

I quickly asked Riela if I could join a team and truly blend in with the players.  At first he said no, then he said yeah that is a good idea.  In corp chat I asked if I could join someone’s team. 

[ 2014.08.09 17:59:26 ] Athena Olympia > hey any one want to team up with me ?

I got two invites.  One from Shar’ku Silf and one from Marlona Sky. I was so excited !  I was infiltrating the pilots and little did they know that I was The Hidden Overseer. 

My Skype with Marlona: 

[8/9/2014 11:56:04 AM] Athena Olympia: lol I'm helping with Theomachy
[8/9/2014 12:00:33 PM] Athena Olympia: I can't share what I'm doing
[8/9/2014 12:00:39 PM] Marlona Sky: ok
[8/9/2014 12:00:51 PM] Marlona Sky: but you need a team?
[8/9/2014 12:01:03 PM] Athena Olympia: yeah
[8/9/2014 12:01:21 PM] Marlona Sky: want to be in mine? it is a 'together till the end' thing
[8/9/2014 12:01:27 PM] Marlona Sky: after we go free for all
[8/9/2014 12:01:37 PM] Athena Olympia: ok

My private chat:
[ 2014.08.09 18:00:56 ] Shar'ku Silf > i with friend looking for some allies
[ 2014.08.09 18:00:58 ] Shar'ku Silf > o/
[ 2014.08.09 18:01:02 ] Athena Olympia > ok cool
[ 2014.08.09 18:01:40 ] Shar'ku Silf > then if you want you can join us
[ 2014.08.09 18:01:46 ] Athena Olympia > ok cool
[ 2014.08.09 18:02:17 ] Athena Olympia > i have another team asking me
[ 2014.08.09 18:02:25 ] Athena Olympia > you want to come with us ?
[ 2014.08.09 18:02:34 ] Shar'ku Silf > hmm how many ppl?
[ 2014.08.09 18:02:41 ] Athena Olympia > 5 with me
[ 2014.08.09 18:02:47 ] Athena Olympia > how many with you ?
[ 2014.08.09 18:03:06 ] Shar'ku Silf > i have 6 atm + me
[ 2014.08.09 18:03:50 ] Athena Olympia > ok hold on

So now I have this guy and Marlona in chats.  Marlona invites me to a private chat channel.  It's for the team! This is some of what first was said ... 

[ 2014.08.09 18:03:56 ] Athena Olympia > he's got 6 with him
[ 2014.08.09 18:04:03 ] Marlona Sky > oh wow
[ 2014.08.09 18:04:03 ] Athena Olympia > want to merge teams ?
[ 2014.08.09 18:04:19 ] Annie Gardet > do you plan to form an army or something ?
[ 2014.08.09 18:04:23 ] Marlona Sky > um... maybe
[ 2014.08.09 18:04:35 ] Shar'ku Silf > o/
[ 2014.08.09 18:04:40 ] Athena Olympia > so this is that guy
[ 2014.08.09 18:04:54 ] Aliventi > Stay smalll. Don't want the overseers to primary us.
[ 2014.08.09 18:05:14 ] Marlona Sky > that should give us a big enough team and then if anyone in here has a friend join we should be good
[ 2014.08.09 18:05:16 ] Marlona Sky > ah yeah
[ 2014.08.09 18:05:18 ] Marlona Sky > that is true
[ 2014.08.09 18:05:24 ] Marlona Sky > they will be hunting large teams
[ 2014.08.09 18:05:37 ] Annie Gardet > we should have less that 11 in total imo
[ 2014.08.09 18:05:52 ] Marlona Sky > yeah
[ 2014.08.09 18:06:04 ] Shar'ku Silf > so atm i start with 6 friends in this event if you want we can join to you
[ 2014.08.09 18:06:34 ] Marlona Sky > i think that would make us too big

Oh how fun, not only did I join Marlona’s Group but I convinced the two groups to merge!  I was so excited I couldn’t stand it.   They had no idea what the overseers could or would do to them.  Very smart to think of that, after all there can only be one winner, right?

Now in Skype Marlona and I are having a chat.  See he was on Eve Radio one night and I slipped and said I was on staff for Theomachy.  I had told a few people I was on staff.   The funny thing was that morning he was helping me with some show stuff.  He needed to go to prep for Theomachy - little did he know so did I.  I started to wonder if Marlona would feel betrayed or see the fun and value in The Hidden Overseer and that for the event I really couldn't share.   

I was given team speak information and I logged on.  I listened in to their strategy on how to survive until the end.  It was interesting to hear and see how the pilots were organizing themselves.  It got me thinking of Eve and how we come together on the live server and forge alliances and what drives all that.

Suddenly, I thought that me keying up and giving tips could be considered an unfair advantage maybe.  Crap!  I wanted to blend in.  This got me to thinking what will happen if they don't find me, hmmm ok I need to drop clues but not obvious ones.  A few times I found myself keying up to correct some of the pilots on what they were saying and strategy.  I had to stop myself because I so wanted to say go here and do this and get this but I refrained.  It was so hard to not just key up and tell them to get off grid as soon as possible or that there were a lot of troll fit ships.  So I listened in and would chime in now and then but was very careful to not divulge things. 

Teams kept forming.  Hunting Overseers wanted intel.  

[8/9/2014 2:03:43 PM] Athena Olympia: who is fc / target calling our group ?
[8/9/2014 2:03:51 PM] Marlona Sky: theronth

At first I thought it was Marlona - but soon corrected that.  As I saw the teams forming in corp chat - those that asked or were telling folks what coms to get on or generally appearing FC like were reported into Overseer Command.  

The announcements started and I was listening to staff coms.  I muted staff coms and listened into the rules.  The pilots asked questions and you could feel the excitement of the competition building.  As I sat waiting and listening I plugged implants into my head.  Wait, pilots weren’t allowed to have implants, right?  Right – but I wasn’t really a pilot now was I?

It was time.  All pilots are to report in.  Set your clones for death cloning to the designated system.  Pilots were to join one of the two player fleets, undock in a pod and warp out.  They were poded to the system to clear any clones.  I sat nervously waiting as local started to drop.  OH shit, will my team notice me?   I just won’t talk on coms and maybe they won’t remember I’m here.

A few players showed up late and missed the pilot line up.  I sat patiently watching local.  It was me and one other person.  The pilots were in the starting system waiting to be bridged into the staging system.  Again I got nervous wondering if my team was going to notice me not with them.  Pilots are being bridged in and are on grid.  The staff channel command is starting to get so active. 

Eve pilots, being the kind of pilots they are, were testing the waters.  Player x disqualified would come over channel command.  Channel command was busy with behind the scenes coordination. I waited patiently and painfully wanting to be on grid.  Players bridged in and were getting into ships and moving around.  CCP Falcon moved me to a secrect location in the system where my ships were waiting. 

I had fully fitted Amarr ships waiting for me with fits that were not troll or shit.  I book mark the location and then get into my prophecy.  I felt the battleship would have been obvious and too much over kill.  The entire time I was in Overseer fleet.   Hmmm did my group send a fleet invite?  Nothing was said to me.  Interesting.  Maybe they didn't think too.  All they said on coms was to x up in chat for fleet invite.  I hadn't done that yet, but a good FC would have looked and said - why is x here but not in fleet and is in coms with mic not active listening?  I was trying to exhibit every behavior a spai would do.  

I un mute my mic and I x up in channel.  I get a fleet invite and ask who do I warp too.  Off I go.  Not one fleet member even comments on my ship, where did I get it, etc.  Hmm really ?  We now had grown from 11 to 20 people and everyone else is in smaller class ships not one person notices me in a BC ?  HUH ok.  

We were at a beacon and would fight anyone that came in.  In comes overseers and my group actually engaged.  Oh shit they are shooting ME.  WAIT!  Quickly report in - Overseers can't shoot me I'm a prize and event for the competitors!!!  The overseers would lock but disengaged.  Announcement reminder that an Overseer was hidden among them and that he or she when dead had a prize.  Then comments about the overseer being a she.  What the hell ?  So gender neutral we tried to keep it.  

Our fleet sat at the same spot for a good 45 minutes.  I told Marlona - get this fleet moving and engaging many times.  He didn't, but tried on coms. 

[8/9/2014 2:22:17 PM] Athena Olympia: y'all need to get off this beakon
[8/9/2014 2:22:25 PM] Marlona Sky: i know
[8/9/2014 2:22:27 PM] Athena Olympia: they will come nuke this group

I reported in - Hunters needed to come take out my fleet and where we were and what they were in.  Riela seemed very happy to have me there.  Besides, there can be only one in the end. 

Then it came - CFC and BRAVE have the biggest formed fleets.  Any intel or ideas who the FC's are?  Intel given.  Hunting them began.  

At two hours into the event Riela and I couldn't believe I was still alive.  There were some fights that were good and I thought at one point I was going to die.  My Overseer team (Jack & Krackers) along with Riela (Event Creator) would warp in to every fight I was getting into to try to witness my demise.  The players weren't killing off the events to earn their sponsorship so my team decided to come help players at will.   Yes I'm into armor damage!  I am running my repper .... wait no WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!  I hear on the team TS "these overseers keep finding us, we need to keep away from them".  

Pilots would see my team and warp off.  The beauty of not knowing if it was an overseer there to hunt you or help you.  At two and a half hours I announce to command - I am going to awox my team.  

To Marlona Sky
[8/9/2014 2:39:12 PM] Athena Olympia: at some point i may have to break from you guys
[8/9/2014 2:39:27 PM] Athena Olympia: are you paying attention to the announcements ?

I hear they are going for x ship to get into it - I start shooting it and destroy it.  I hear "Athena stop shooting ships we are trying to get into".   So I tell my fellow Overseers and we all figure - that my fleet is going to turn on me and shoot me.  

[8/9/2014 2:46:12 PM] Athena Olympia: put me on watch list and lock me
[8/9/2014 2:46:18 PM] Athena Olympia: NOW
[8/9/2014 2:46:40 PM] Marlona Sky: shoot you?

[8/9/2014 2:58:50 PM] Marlona Sky: ffs now just in pod
[8/9/2014 3:02:03 PM] Marlona Sky: i keep getting disconnected
[8/9/2014 3:04:35 PM] Athena Olympia: you need to get into a ship
[8/9/2014 3:04:41 PM] Athena Olympia: because i will soon have to turn on the fleet

Due to Marlona having connection issues and soccet closing I revealed myself. 

[8/9/2014 3:10:56 PM] Athena Olympia: i'm the hidden overseer my dear
[8/9/2014 3:11:13 PM] Marlona Sky: oh i get it
[8/9/2014 3:11:29 PM] Marlona Sky: just lame i spent the entire time with socket closes

A true lover of the Eve Universe he doesn't announce it in fleet, in the form up channel, in corp or on coms.  Thank you Marlona ! 

Marlona Sky
[8/9/2014 3:12:38 PM] Athena Olympia: i just got into my bs
[8/9/2014 3:13:39 PM] Marlona Sky: nice
[8/9/2014 3:15:03 PM] Athena Olympia: you on coms ?
[8/9/2014 3:15:07 PM] Marlona Sky: i am lol
[8/9/2014 3:15:13 PM] Marlona Sky: they getting mad at you
[8/9/2014 3:15:25 PM] Athena Olympia: lol wait til they hear i was a prize
[8/9/2014 3:15:35 PM] Marlona Sky: not sure i think the 'hidden overseerer' thing makes for an interesting element. dont know

At this point I was AWOXING my own fleet.  Mystical Mike was one of my team members and I was shooting him! He wouldn't shoot back.  BOOO!  I switch to someone else.  I am dropped from fleet but still on coms.  I hear "Athena your mic is muted here".  BAHAHAHAHHAHA YES I know cause I'm reporting into Overseers on you guys.  Do you know these guys not once turned the fleet on me for AWOXING them? 

Interesting.  If this were the live server would they have done the same?  Were they thinking that they needed to keep the group together for pure safety in numbers? You have a traitor among you - at what point do you cut them loose and protect the rest of the group?  I digress.

On TS I open my mic and tell them that it was a pleasure flying with them, wished them luck and that soon they'll learn why I did what I did and that Marlona knows and can fill them in.  I bounced out of coms. 

[8/9/2014 3:19:38 PM] Marlona Sky: lol why you drag me into your scheme
[8/9/2014 3:20:53 PM] Athena Olympia: rofl
[8/9/2014 3:28:29 PM] Athena Olympia: come kill me damn it

I go get into my battleship and go out to various beacons.  Again my Overseer buddies wait and I tell them oh this may be it - they warp in.  No.  OMG CHICKENS the whole lot of you are!  Ok finally I run into someone I'd flown with before Anna Niedostepny.  Anna had even been in my corp at one point years ago. 

Now about this time they decided to let overseers kill pods.  I originally was and then was told not too since I was an overseer.  I argued the case that since I was "hidden" I should have been exempt and that could have helped with a lot of pilot elimination and the massive amounts of pods we had warping around at that point.  Overseers opened podding for a period of time to keep the event moving forward. 

I report in I have the BRAVE fleet on me - stay off until I am almost dead.   They had me into armor and going down fast - finally.  Here come my Overseer friends ... Jack, Krackers and Riela to just watch.  BRAVE WARPS OFF.  REALLY?  There was like 30 of you on field and there were 3 Overseers in ECM ships no damage.  How brave are you really ?  Not very.  So Anna opens a private convo.  

[ 2014.08.09 21:42:38 ] Anna niedostepny > so lucky
[ 2014.08.09 21:42:44 ] Anna niedostepny > devs showed up :P
[ 2014.08.09 21:42:46 ] Athena Olympia > why ?
[ 2014.08.09 21:42:47 ] Anna niedostepny > they are hunting me hard
[ 2014.08.09 21:42:49 ] Athena Olympia > devs ?
[ 2014.08.09 21:42:58 ] Athena Olympia > why are they hunting you hard ?
[ 2014.08.09 21:43:10 ] Anna niedostepny > cause i am in a group
[ 2014.08.09 21:43:24 ] Athena Olympia > lol oh little do you know
[ 2014.08.09 21:44:30 ] Athena Olympia > invite me to your fleet
[ 2014.08.09 21:44:33 ] Athena Olympia > i'll help you guys
[ 2014.08.09 21:44:51 ] Anna niedostepny > lol
[ 2014.08.09 21:44:56 ] Anna niedostepny > we already have a be enough one
[ 2014.08.09 21:47:01 ] Athena Olympia > oh ...
[ 2014.08.09 21:47:13 ] Athena Olympia > well ... did you catch that hidden overseer yet ?
[ 2014.08.09 21:48:10 ] Anna niedostepny > we killed 2 o them
[ 2014.08.09 21:48:29 ] Athena Olympia > not the hidden one
[ 2014.08.09 21:48:33 ] Athena Olympia > you killed exposed ones
[ 2014.08.09 21:48:47 ] Athena Olympia > there is still a hidden overseer still in the player corp *wink*

Closed chat.  Still didn't pick up on that I WAS THE HIDDEN OVERSEER. LOL 

Ok folks at this point me and the other Overseers are confused.  So the decision is made to reveal my name and let the group hunt me down.  

Player Corp Chat: 

[ 2014.08.09 22:20:08 ] Corr Donnyr > Athena is on planet 4
[ 2014.08.09 22:20:11 ] Corr Donnyr > abaddon
[ 2014.08.09 22:20:27 ] Athena Olympia > yes i am
[ 2014.08.09 22:20:51 ] Athena Olympia > and to think ... i asked to join a group ...
[ 2014.08.09 22:20:57 ] Athena Olympia > and when i turned on my group they did nothing
[ 2014.08.09 22:21:32 ] Corr Donnyr > damn
[ 2014.08.09 22:25:14 ] Copyleft > lol
[ 2014.08.09 22:25:29 ] Copyleft > I'd shoot you, just don't have enough ammo :)
[ 2014.08.09 22:29:33 ] Athena Olympia > lol

I did finally die.   

My parting message: [ 2014.08.09 22:35:30 ] Athena Olympia > It's been fun - see you on the field in a bit :) o/

I hope my team doesn't hate me too much - I tried to give you opportunity for you guys to win T2 HAC of your choice but ... alas you were nice, kind and gentlemen.  

I then got moved by CCP Falcon to our staging system - joined the staff corp and took the jump bridge back.  I really wanted to get into a bomber and start bombing runs on the large groups and pods just warping about.  One small problem - no damage bombs were staged.  DAMN IT!  Ok - where are the bubbling ships?  Ah sabre or flycatcher ... flycatcher.  

Off me and the guys went putting bubbles every where we could.  The participants needed to be eliminated.  There could only be one winner.  Seek and destroy.   The end was coming for the pilots.  The Arena was going to be despawned.  Announcements made, pilots needed to only be in two locations.  Pilots were being disqualified.  Then it was down to the final match and all overseers were told to NOT shoot.  

HA!  I had bubbles!  We ran out of bubbles in one staging area and had to go get more - went through 500.  
Zipping around bubble bubble.  Oh announcements - we will shorten the arena grid in 2 minutes.  Ok oh that group is far out - bubbles to stop them from getting in must go up! 

The final battle was a passive fit Drake and a Hunter fit Caracal.  Both held on for a good long time but the victor was that Drake.  I wonder how FC's will now respond to "can I bring my Drake?"   I for one will say only if it's Theomachy winner fit!"

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Moved back Home

Greetings readers ...

I had my own corp at one point called Garden of the Gods.  A little over a year ago my corp and alliance went into holding.  I took a 5 month break and then I ventured into one of the biggest blocks in the game - CFC.  I joined friends who had a corp in Fatal Ascension.  I did pvp and FC'd.  It was great getting back to my passion and love - the pvp side of things.  I absolutely love pvp and to FC.  I blame several friends and mentors of mine for this blood lust and thank them at the same time!

I enjoyed running fleets in FA but just didn't seem to be the right fit.  So off I moved to Razor.  I came to the conclusion that while I love null sec - the freedom and clear cut NBSI policies that sitting on a titan to do nothing or hitting F1 was so far from actual pvp that I needed to get back to pvp'ing.

Eve is vast and a wonderful game to have things where people can do whatever they like.  I like the art of skirmishing.  I like the tactics of thinking outside the box.  Gorilla warefare if you will.  You don't get that in big blobs.  Everyone is either afraid to engage or waiting to counter blob then their friends blob then it's just TIDI mess.  Don't get me wrong, there are some big epic fights that you just have to be there for.   I understand defending / taking resources and the structure bash and why it happens.  I just feel that null sec has gotten to a stalemate. 

Too many people think that they are elite - but can't tackle to save their life.  I'm not elite.  I don't pretend to be.  I strive to be better than my last fight.  Lately that hasn't been so great but it is what it is.

So back to my home, my corp.  Back to small - medium gang.     Who knows maybe I'll reopen my alliance at some point too.  Only time will tell.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cows or Cunts?

Those who fly with me in Eve Online know that I'm the admin for a social channel called Women Gamers of Eve (WGOE).  I came across this channel early in my game play in 2009 by a guy in game who thought it may be nice for me to be there.  Why?  Rex (who has since passed away in real life) thought that it may be nice to socialize with other women and get a break from the testosterone filled environment.  He was right.  Through the years I've gone from being a member to moderator to the person currently in charge of the channel.  This channel started in 2003 as a way for other women to network in Eve.  This has been true for MANY women with in Eve.  The politics of who we fly with are left at the door yet we still discuss game mechanics. 

Recently a post was made on women gamers (  This article was written by Eingang a member of WGoE.  There is a coalition within Eve (CFC - Cluster Fuck Coalition) that has created their own channel in jabber for the women members of the coalition.  Many of those women are also members of WGoE.  There are many opinions as to why this channel was started ... for women with in that coalition to communicate with out worrying about security for operations to the coalition having a force of female spies.  Regardless of WHY that channel was started there are some things stated in this article that are beyond disturbing to me. The article tries to appear well written and have a point but rambles on in directions that never come back to a point.  My comments will be on this article - so bear with me.

The author, Eingang, starts to highlight the name of the channel "no penises allowed (NPA)" but makes no real point.  Is it the name of the channel that is the issue? Or that it's for women only ? First let's look at the audience for this channel - women in the CFC.  The CFC where vulgar language and off color remarks are not only a trade mark but one may even speculate are common vernacular for the membership.   So, given that, a women's group can't use the word "penis"?  Honestly, it's the actual biological name for the male genitalia so I'm really confused as to what the issue is here.  No real point is made just rambling on to another paragraph.  Hmm ok let's continue.

At this point some random statistics on gamers gender dynamics with no point or theories are made.  I believe the author thinks that just randomly tossing out numbers puts some validity to the point being made, but what's the point?  Ah there is none.  So let me attempt to make one off the statistics that she has posted.  Since 2006 the ration of men to women does not seem to have changed in Eve Online as compared to a game like World of Warcraft.  There are many factors as to why this could be.  One that comes to mind is the marketing that is done for World of Warcraft for expansions as well as the game in general by famous people as opposed to Eve Online.  I have not seen a commercial on TV during prime time viewing for Eve Online while I have for World of Warcraft.  Then there is the science fiction aspect of Eve Online.  Space ships are not something all women are into.  The content provided in something like World of Warcraft or Leauge of Legends or even Second Life is a bit more open to both genders.  The very nature of Eve Online denotes an interest in space or space travel.

The author then moves on to discuss the culture of Eve Online with profanity, pornography, and sexual references in both text and voice coms but then moves on to a blog written about not using the term rape-cage.  That paragraph could be developed into an article of it's own, yet again no real points made.  Hmm ok let's keep moving on.

Next is the topic of transgendered women with in the Eve Online environment.  Now by the heading of this section "Sexist, Discriminatory Cows" it's really unclear if the author is calling transgendered women cows or the women of WGoE cows.  In either case, I find it hypocritical that a woman who is attempting to write about gamers just being players and it not being a sexist thing to referense other women - bio or transgendered - as cows.  The author talks about the formation of a channel for Transgendered Gamers of Eve as well as pointing out a channel for GLB players is discrimination.  Then this moves into some how being sexist cows practicing reverse discrimination.  Wow.

At this point, I need to state that clearly the "person" writing this article is not only unable to write to make a clear point on their opinion, they clearly don't have any knowledge on social environments in and out of games.  Maybe you should learn what the Suffrage movement is or who Harvey Milk is.  The thing is dear author of this brilliant piece of illiteracy vomit there are groups of people that ARE discriminated against for their gender or sexual orientation in and out of a game on line.  Channels for these groups / areas of interest aren't about exclusion it's about INclusion.  I know of MANY women from WGoE who have become real life friends because of that channel.  Women who have been going through a hard time in real life and didn't want to share that openly to other men - be it relationship or health reasons.  I know of women in WGoE who were born of the male gender and went through gender reassignment surgery and have told me they LOVE WGoE - why because they are treated as women.  I have friends in the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual channel that I know have received  support there as well.  The bottom line, is that people want to be accepted - blue / black / green / purple / fat / thin / tall / short whatever - people want a place they can go where they are accepted.

The reality of being a woman in Eve Online is you are in an environment where the average guy is what society would call a geek or nerd.  Many of them act like they have never spoke to a woman before.   Take that and now add people who are gay or lesbian and many of these "geek" types have no social competency to communicate in a non-offensive way.  An example of this is using the word "fag" for everything or "gay".   Most educated people, while they find it offensive, will just ignore those that use such vocabulary and move in circles where topics of conversation are more on their level. 

The authors own words a SIG should be formed " mutual enjoyment of each other’s company" - however if you are a woman and enjoy the company of other women that's sexist.  If you are gay, lesbian or bi-sexual you shouldn't enjoy the company of those as well you are sexist.  I fail to see where this logic can work only some of the time and not all of the time, wait it's because it's not logic. 

The author then moves on to say that she will hang out in WGoE, the very channel she's not in support of, in order to support those who are more keenly aware of the issues.  While I am the admin of WGoE,  I have to say that for that channel the author is entitled to  her opinion and I will not remove her membership (altho it's been asked that I do).  However, from my personal opinion, how can you write an article about how sexist it is to have such a channel and call us cows and then want to hang out with us?

Stop being a dumb cunt and hypocrit.  You don't like the channel's existence and think it's sexist - close out of it.  Simple.  If you have a point to make then make it, but rambling on in what looks like an article but in reality has no relevance to anything just makes you look ill informed and bitter.  It makes me think that you suffer from petty woman syndrome because you didn't come up with WGoE or the NPA channel.  I didn't create WGoE - I put support in and was trusted with it, I take no credit for it other than I am the admin currently.  If you want attention, write a good article that's informed or make your own you tube channel like plenty of others have to fulfill their attention needs.  There are plenty of ways for you to create a name for yourself but calling other women in the game - in the social channel you say you want to hang out in - sexist cows makes you no better than the neck-beards.

TLDR:   The author is a bitter attention seeking "woman" (or is that cow ?  Cunt I think is better) who is jealous of other women in eve.  Or it's dbrb in "disguise" - some may say that's the same thing. In either case, the article rambles in several directions and makes no point only to have the author contradict "her" self many times in it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Often times pilots in New Eden will apply their real life experience to the game.  Given that, I have an extensive business background.  I am good at organizing things, maybe that's why I have 20+ years in event planning (personally and professionally) experience combined with project management in a technical environment. 

Upon my corp leaving CHAOT I took a month off altho had been looking to join a new alliance called TCU.  After my break I had my corp join TCU.  I soon found myself being the Director of Operations for an alliance called TCU.  The alliance concept was fabulous but nothing was put down.  Forums weren't organized.  The alliance held an entire region and had renters, but no renters alliance.  Infrastructure was something that was severely lacking but also having someone who can organize it and get it done was missing as well.

What many players don't realize is that it takes a great deal of time, effort and man power for larger alliances to function and be successful.  Most null sec alliances are part of a coalition, which again takes coordination and organization.  Living in null sec doesn't just "happen" by chance nor does any alliance survive in null sec with out key things in place - infrastructure is one of those key things.   The sad thing there was no monetary backbone to the alliance.  There wasn't even funds to start a renters alliance to keep the two separate.  That alone was one of the first signs I knew TCU was destined to fail. 

TCU found themselves holding the entire region of Omist, however, the issue really was that the previous tenants evacuated.  There was no true war of fighting for sovereignty for it.   There is nothing wrong with this approach on a grand scale as it saves time, man power, and isk.  Although one can argue that it can make pilots complacent or lazy when it comes to defending their home because they didn't work to get it.  I have lived the majority of my game life in null sec and have found the later to be more of a true statement. 

Things were great until Nulli and company decided to come to invade.  Many pilots didn't see the need to fleet up for home defense.  Often making statements like "that's what you pvp'ers are for, now go fight".  In another post I'll discuss this type of logic.  Needless to say when less than 20 fleet up for home defense of a region, blues stop helping to support due to being pushed in other areas there is only one thing to go - leave.

Monday, October 31, 2011

GOTG October ....

So, after a nice break Garden of the Gods is rebuilding.  We have some great players that are really exciting to have on board. 

We had joined Territorial Claim Unit down in Omist.  I hadn't been to that area of space yet so what the heck right ? Nothing ventured nothing gained.

HOLY MACKEREL ANDY that place is way the heck down there!  And people thought Period Basis was the end of space?  Ok well it is but it's not as far from empire / low sec as Omist is.  Ok so you gotta plan and have supplies. 

The fights are good.  Rats were different from what I'm used too.

There are lots of good / fun people fighting over there.  Good times.

Garden of the Gods merged with another pvp corp which was a welcomed merger.  We had some others from yet another corp all us home, but have decided to do their own corp - Good Luck Guys!

In looking at the direction of TCU and the direction of Garden of the Gods the decision was made to break away from TCU.    We will be going back to the corp focus of pvp with our focus in black ops.  A new black ops alliance is in the works.  Some good fights are also bound to happen. 

Also this week was old home week.  Lots of old member stopping by to say hi and see how we are doing. 

So on to a new adventure .... should be fun!

Yep I'm a chick .... get over it already

Exactly what the titles says.  Yep I'm a real life woman that plays eve - get over it already.

I have heard so many guys complain about bimbos that play eve/online games and how tired they are of them.  Yep those kinds of chicks who are like "tee hee um oh boy toy how do I oh no you just do it for me (shows cleavage) oh that's how you do it hehehe oh i can't do that do it for me " .. ok BARF

REAL gamer chicks aren't like that dudes.  The cool ones don't find that game fun or interesting.  We don't care for the girl drama ... you know "omg why are you talking to HER" bullshit that happens with insecure and immature girls.  REAL gamer chicks tend to hang out with the guys and say things like they are.  They don't don't do the bullshit games that other girls do.

REAL gamer chicks are tired of hearing OMG YOUR A GIRL.  YES you basement / attic dwelling mouth breathing troll.  We don't want to see your epeen or hear about it, we don't care.  You don't impress us with your high wallet balances or ability to troll. 

What does impress us?  What makes us WANT to talk to you? Talking to us like we are another gamer.  Like we have a brain in our head and skills to use. 

So here is my challenge to all you geek boys out there - next time you meet a chick in Eve try something other then OMG your a girl or make me a sammich bitch and you may get a different response and a cool new friend.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

+ vs -

So originally I started this blog to highlight an adventure in eve or more like an incursion with a few of what I call spineless idiots but I think the proper term is trollers or griefers.  But after careful thought and consideration I realized these are not people worth my time or effort to even care about their mere existence on this planet.

Eve Online is a vast universe and has a lot to explore.  There are some GREAT people that play this game.  I've been fortunate to have met some.  There are also some people who well frankly are such loosers or even douche bags.

Eve has no checks and balances for "bad" behavior.  It's an interesting social experiment really.  Since there are no preoccupations for behaviors some players think that this means they can "role play" some type of pirate type of person or well crook and just behave truly bad. They don't behave like this in real life because if they stole well there would be consequences for that.  People have the freedom to be who they truly are at their core - at their heart and soul.  I'm sure that is a freeing feeling to have an avenue to really be who they are.

I will say it is hard to be you out there every day, even if that means doing the right thing or standing up for what you believe in.  You will always encounter people who will attempt to be obstacles in your plan for success.  Some will call them haters.  Haters are merely cowardly versions of admirers.  People can become jealous of what they THINK you have or have accomplished and rather than achieve that for themselves it's easier to follow a negative path and be destructive.

Those good people, who even translate that into the type of player they are in eve, those are the real gems of humanity.  There are people who believe in honor and doing the right thing.  Those who understand that giving a helping hand isn't a bad thing but what you should do.  These are people that in real life do public service like volunteering, military, police, fire, medical, etc.  With out people like that societies would not function - even on line gaming ones.

So, my blog is really going to be about my adventures but not about the negative ones of the cowardly admirers but of those gems that are good and all the fun we will have or have had.  It's so easy to focus on the negative and dwell on it.  It's much more rewarding to focus on the positive, even if it's a harder road to travel.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Garden of the Gods

GOTG for short.  Although our actual ticker is DOFTG - long story short I typo ed / fat fingered it when creating the corp and yeah. 

Upon joining the corp all members have to agree to the Honor Code:

Code of Honor:
We will not lie, steal or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.

Upon membership in the Garden of the Gods you need to reply to this post that you will comply with the rules and code of honor.

Failure to comply with the rules / code of honor will result in a warning or the removal of your membership in the Garden of the Gods – with or without notice.
Some people in the game of Eve have found this odd.  How do you enforce it?  Simple, take time to recruit people and not be desperate for members or growth.  Loyalty, a sense of family, and having someone's back are far more important in a game like this than is numbers or bodies.  GOOD people, people who don't have an agenda or our to be unscrupulous are hard to find in this game. 

While it's not in the code of honor but I often say it to my guys - we stand together - you mess with one of us you mess with all of us.  One one hand I feel bad for my guys because I am a woman CEO that does pvp in a game where boys pretend they are something they aren't and my very presence threatens their distorted sense of self worth in the world.

I am kind.  I am giving.  I am helpful.  I am opinionated.  I am strong willed.  I am determined.  Something that seems to have happened is my kindness is mistaken for weakness.  Often times, my will and ambition are viewed by males as something to fear and feel threatened by.  My generosity is taken for granted and abused.  My sincerity and compassion for who someone is really manipulated and taken advantage of.

The sense of entitlement that guys feel in this game that because I am a gal that I have to talk to them, do what they want, jump when they speak, reveal my real name, hand out pictures, give out nude pictures, etc is astounding.  Then when I say no you aren't getting pictures or stand my ground I'm a bitch.

For all of these things I publicly apologize to my members - past, present and future.  This wasn't your cross to bear.  Standing by me in my corp to fight and move forward hasn't been easy for many of you and I thank you.  To my friends out of corp that have stood by me, who know me for being sincere and genuine, thank you. 

This is the resolve of Garden of the Gods.

We may joke around, we may ask noobish questions from time to time, we may not pvp the way you do, we may make mistakes, we may do lots of things.  One thing you will always count on with Garden of the Gods is that we stand strong and we stand together through thick or thin.

Never Give Up  - Never Surrender!