Monday, October 31, 2011

Yep I'm a chick .... get over it already

Exactly what the titles says.  Yep I'm a real life woman that plays eve - get over it already.

I have heard so many guys complain about bimbos that play eve/online games and how tired they are of them.  Yep those kinds of chicks who are like "tee hee um oh boy toy how do I oh no you just do it for me (shows cleavage) oh that's how you do it hehehe oh i can't do that do it for me " .. ok BARF

REAL gamer chicks aren't like that dudes.  The cool ones don't find that game fun or interesting.  We don't care for the girl drama ... you know "omg why are you talking to HER" bullshit that happens with insecure and immature girls.  REAL gamer chicks tend to hang out with the guys and say things like they are.  They don't don't do the bullshit games that other girls do.

REAL gamer chicks are tired of hearing OMG YOUR A GIRL.  YES you basement / attic dwelling mouth breathing troll.  We don't want to see your epeen or hear about it, we don't care.  You don't impress us with your high wallet balances or ability to troll. 

What does impress us?  What makes us WANT to talk to you? Talking to us like we are another gamer.  Like we have a brain in our head and skills to use. 

So here is my challenge to all you geek boys out there - next time you meet a chick in Eve try something other then OMG your a girl or make me a sammich bitch and you may get a different response and a cool new friend.