In Memory of Rex

On August 23, 2011 Rex Pendlingham was found dead in his home.  He passed in his sleep from a heart attack at age 49.

I met Rex when I was new to eve.  He was doing business with the corp I was in at the time and we started chatting.  I wasn't really enjoying the game much and Rex and I had become fast friends.  I had him on Facebook and we talked often - daily.  Finally Rex convinced me to come fly with him and friends in Libera.  He warned me that it was an alt holding corp and they may not be on a lot but just pop them a mail and they'd help me.  I thought what the heck.

He soon introduced me to the CEO Space Penguin (who died in 2010) and a few other friends - Octavio Bravo and Doppleganger.  They took me in.  Space taught me how to trade on the markets.  Rex always would say "Athena try this item" and I'd try it and make a lot of isk.  Rex and Oct would take me out to run missions.  Or let me salvage behind them.  We were on nightly.

Rex was funny.  He'd tell jokes and always was good to put a smile on my face.  He was intelligent and well read.  He was opinionated but not in that in your face way.  He was passionate about his political views and most of the time came off to be someone who joked about. The things I'll miss the most about him are his jokes, movie discussions and of course talking politics with him or listening to him talk politics with others. 

He will be missed by friends all through out Eve.