Monday, August 15, 2011

Garden of the Gods

GOTG for short.  Although our actual ticker is DOFTG - long story short I typo ed / fat fingered it when creating the corp and yeah. 

Upon joining the corp all members have to agree to the Honor Code:

Code of Honor:
We will not lie, steal or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.

Upon membership in the Garden of the Gods you need to reply to this post that you will comply with the rules and code of honor.

Failure to comply with the rules / code of honor will result in a warning or the removal of your membership in the Garden of the Gods – with or without notice.
Some people in the game of Eve have found this odd.  How do you enforce it?  Simple, take time to recruit people and not be desperate for members or growth.  Loyalty, a sense of family, and having someone's back are far more important in a game like this than is numbers or bodies.  GOOD people, people who don't have an agenda or our to be unscrupulous are hard to find in this game. 

While it's not in the code of honor but I often say it to my guys - we stand together - you mess with one of us you mess with all of us.  One one hand I feel bad for my guys because I am a woman CEO that does pvp in a game where boys pretend they are something they aren't and my very presence threatens their distorted sense of self worth in the world.

I am kind.  I am giving.  I am helpful.  I am opinionated.  I am strong willed.  I am determined.  Something that seems to have happened is my kindness is mistaken for weakness.  Often times, my will and ambition are viewed by males as something to fear and feel threatened by.  My generosity is taken for granted and abused.  My sincerity and compassion for who someone is really manipulated and taken advantage of.

The sense of entitlement that guys feel in this game that because I am a gal that I have to talk to them, do what they want, jump when they speak, reveal my real name, hand out pictures, give out nude pictures, etc is astounding.  Then when I say no you aren't getting pictures or stand my ground I'm a bitch.

For all of these things I publicly apologize to my members - past, present and future.  This wasn't your cross to bear.  Standing by me in my corp to fight and move forward hasn't been easy for many of you and I thank you.  To my friends out of corp that have stood by me, who know me for being sincere and genuine, thank you. 

This is the resolve of Garden of the Gods.

We may joke around, we may ask noobish questions from time to time, we may not pvp the way you do, we may make mistakes, we may do lots of things.  One thing you will always count on with Garden of the Gods is that we stand strong and we stand together through thick or thin.

Never Give Up  - Never Surrender!