Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Athena Where do you Live?

So for many years that I've played the game I've been in null sec.  I cut my teeth in Provi so to speak and then on to Delve.  I have enjoyed many different null sec locations in Eve.  I've FC'd fleets.  Taken Sov.  Lost Sov.  There are some things that I always go back to - my roots.

I started in a small, close knit corp / alliance.  I went to IT and it was a big blob.  Cold and distant is how I felt.  I left and was with small close knit and learned small gang pvp.  I went to a blob.  I went back to small.  I went to blob.

I have friends who message me and ask when am I coming back to null and the simple answer is - I'm in null every day.  The current status of null sec dynamics are that it's dead.  Many others have gone on at length about it so I won't bore you with my thoughts on it at this point.

There is nothing in null that draws to me any more.

There is one part of Eve I haven't ever delved into and I'm trying that now.

We'll see how that goes ...

and thus a new adventure has begun.

Oh yeah ... where to I live ? ... well in New Eden of course!