Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Often times pilots in New Eden will apply their real life experience to the game.  Given that, I have an extensive business background.  I am good at organizing things, maybe that's why I have 20+ years in event planning (personally and professionally) experience combined with project management in a technical environment. 

Upon my corp leaving CHAOT I took a month off altho had been looking to join a new alliance called TCU.  After my break I had my corp join TCU.  I soon found myself being the Director of Operations for an alliance called TCU.  The alliance concept was fabulous but nothing was put down.  Forums weren't organized.  The alliance held an entire region and had renters, but no renters alliance.  Infrastructure was something that was severely lacking but also having someone who can organize it and get it done was missing as well.

What many players don't realize is that it takes a great deal of time, effort and man power for larger alliances to function and be successful.  Most null sec alliances are part of a coalition, which again takes coordination and organization.  Living in null sec doesn't just "happen" by chance nor does any alliance survive in null sec with out key things in place - infrastructure is one of those key things.   The sad thing there was no monetary backbone to the alliance.  There wasn't even funds to start a renters alliance to keep the two separate.  That alone was one of the first signs I knew TCU was destined to fail. 

TCU found themselves holding the entire region of Omist, however, the issue really was that the previous tenants evacuated.  There was no true war of fighting for sovereignty for it.   There is nothing wrong with this approach on a grand scale as it saves time, man power, and isk.  Although one can argue that it can make pilots complacent or lazy when it comes to defending their home because they didn't work to get it.  I have lived the majority of my game life in null sec and have found the later to be more of a true statement. 

Things were great until Nulli and company decided to come to invade.  Many pilots didn't see the need to fleet up for home defense.  Often making statements like "that's what you pvp'ers are for, now go fight".  In another post I'll discuss this type of logic.  Needless to say when less than 20 fleet up for home defense of a region, blues stop helping to support due to being pushed in other areas there is only one thing to go - leave.